How To Tie a Macrame Spiral Knots

You will learn how to make a macrame spiral knot in this step by step tutorial. This guide includes step-by-step instructions, accompanied by one main visual summarizing all the steps, detailed images for each individual step(PDF), and a video tutorial for a thorough demonstration.

Spiral Knot in 1 Image

Here is the spiral knot summary in one image:

How To Make a Macrame Spiral Knot

Here is the step by step instructions to make a spiral knot:

  1. Create a ‘normal D’ shape with the right-hand cord.
  2. Take the furthest left-hand cord and lift it over the tail of the ‘normal D’. Take the end of the left-hand cord and pull it under the middle of the resting middle cords.
  3. Pull both cords tight.
  4. We will make the same steps again. Make like the first step.
  5. Make like the second step.
  6. Pull both cords tight. You made a spiral knot.
  7. Example of more spriral knots. If you follow this process you will make more spiral knots.

Video Tutorial for Spiral Knot

Here is a video tutorial for making a spiral knot clearly. I created this video to show step-by-step instructions.

Macrame Spiral Knot Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial on Youtube for Spiral Knot

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