How To Tie a Macrame Square Knots

You will learn how to make a macrame square knot in this step by step tutorial. This guide includes step-by-step instructions, accompanied by one main visual summarizing all the steps, detailed images for each individual step, and a video tutorial for a thorough demonstration.

One Main Visual Summarizing All The Steps

Here is the sqaure knot in an image:

macrame square knot all steps in one image

How To Make a Macrame Square Knot

To make a square knot:

  1. Hang two cords onto your ring or dowel using the lark’s head knot. This will leave you with four hanging cords in total. Then create a ‘backwards D’ shape with the left-hand cord.
  2. Take the end of the right-hand cord and pass it under the middle of the resting cords, then pull it through the ‘backwards D’ shape.
  3. Pull both cords tight.
  4. This forms a half square knot. Mirror the process by working with the cords on the opposite side.
  5. Create a ‘normal D’ shape with the furthest right-hand cord.
  6. Take the furthest left-hand cord and lift it over the tail of the ‘normal D’. Then, take the end of the left-hand cord and pull it under the middle of the resting cords, and out through the ‘backwards D’.
  7. Pull both cords tight.
  8. Congrats! You’ve made a square knot.
  9. Example of 3 square knot. If you making this process you will make more square knots.

Video Tutorial for Square Knot

Here is a video tutorial for making square knot clearly. I created this video to show step by step instructions.

Macrame square knot video tutorial

The same video tutorial on my pinterest account:

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